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Hi! and welcome to Trial and Err!

I'm Miguel, a recent Software Engineer that's quit his job to pursue building indie businesses, I’ve become a full-time indie hacker, but no profit, so there’s that still yet to come.

After 5 years working in the software industry, I've decided to finally give it a shot. I've always had the idea to start a business, but never could get myself to complete a project through a "side-hustle". After periods of burn-out giving 100% on my full-time work, it was really hard to maintain focus on my personal projects.

Now, here I am, ready for the next chapter in my life. Super excited for what's to come!

I’ll share my experience in this voyage, the good and bad.

A little bit about myself. I'm super into productivity, technology, and anime. Really just an all around nerd. Here's a list of random things I like:

  • One Piece, Mob Psycho 100
  • React Native, Browser Extensions
  • Mobile UX - Top Apps: Bear, Copilot, Headspace, Things 3
  • Mechanical Keyboards

If you find any of these topics interesting, let's connect!

✌️ peace!

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