Voyage Log July 2021 (An Indie Dev Retrospective)

Voyage Log July 2021 (An Indie Dev Retrospective)

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Voyage Log July 2021 (An Indie Dev Retrospective)

August 02, 2021

Welcome to the first Trial and Err Voyage Log. Every month I plan to share my updates as an indie developer, I’ll discuss the adventures and hardships.

In July, my main focus was to get an MVP out for TurboNav, is it out now? Not yet. Progress has been slow, but it’s getting there. I think the slow progress comes from building a solution that’s keyboard-friendly. Take a sneak peek of what I have so far!

The Tab Manager and The Tab Scheduler


Next Steps

A part of me wonders if TurboNav will be a hit? After all, I am trying to make a living out of my indie projects. Due to this uncertainty, I’m giving myself a goal to see how quickly I can make money out of TurboNav. So that’s something I’ll be exploring in the next two to three months.

I can only imagine that making the goal realistic will make achieving it possible. So what about $2,000 MRR? What would I need to make that possible?

Considering the landscape of tab managers. The average yearly payment is around $60, or $5/month. Feels pretty low. I’ll eventually have to start thinking about pricing models, but for the sake of this goal, let’s consider $60/year as the base pricing strategy.

To reach a goal of $2,000 I would have to sell:

  • the yearly subscription to 33 users
  • the monthly subscription to 250 users (considering $8/month). $3 discount for yearly users

Sounds realistic, I think. But to make this happen I would need a couple more features supported. These are the top two I have in mind: 1. Slash Commands for Easy Navigation 2. Link Saving with Tag Organization

My goal is to make $2,000 by the end of the year, which gives me three months to get pro-level features into TurboNav so I can start marketing, that should be doable! Well, in the next few weeks, I’ll be working on an article to discuss “Why TurboNav? The Vision for a Better Browser Navigation Experience.” You’ll see why I’m betting on this project so stay tuned!

August Goals

I’m happy with what I have planned for the upcoming months. For August these are my goals: 1. Release TurboNav Alpha 2. Make the most out of Public Labs: August Cohort. Super excited about this one 3. Create a User Feedback Loop for TurboNav Alpha 4. Get started on Slash Commands

Thanks for tagging along. Follow me on twitter to see behind the scenes of my indie developer voyage!

peace ✌️

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