No Goals, Just a Strategy

No Goals, Just a Strategy

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No Goals, Just a Strategy

January 03, 2022

2021 is over and it’s great to reflect on how things went and what you plan on doing differently for the new year. As for me, 2021 was different. In a good way. So I’ll share a small retrospective of 2021 and what’s going on in 2022 and my “goals”.

No Longer a Software Engineer

2021 is the year I quit my Software Engineer job to focus on becoming an indie developer. I understood there were risks, but it was a risk I had to take, I told myself “if not now, then when?”

Professionally, I was doing great. I was moving up the ladder, managing projects and at a point leading a team of around 10 engineers. I was making good money. But it wasn’t my calling, I like to think I did great work, but the work wasn’t making me happy.

What I did enjoy was the process of building, problem solving, and the process of delivering great work. I enjoyed very much, presenting the work to clients. Presenting work that I was proud of. I realized I could do the same for myself, build something I needed, you know scratch my own itch and share it with the world.

So I decided to quit and do just that.

This wasn’t a decision I made over night. It actually took me a few years to gain the courage and take the leap. I had a few obstacles along the way. Getting burned out was one of them. Also I had a few key milestones in my career that made me question if I wanted to do this long-term. For example, getting an opportunity to move to Silicon Valley, and make great money. I didn’t think that was the right move for me.

Ultimately, after a few years working in the tech industry I decided it was time to focus on myself and work towards being an indie developer. So I left my company on August 2021. Now, I’m super grateful of my circumstance that made this decision possible and a family that supports me (emotionally not financially, that’s actually up to me 😊). I’m aware that not everyone has this opportunity, but I will say this, it took hard work to be where I’m at now and I have no regrets.

The taste of being an Indie Developer

So I quit and I’ve had a taste of what it means to being an indie dev for a few months now. Starting from scratch, it’s not easy but I’m working towards a path where I can make something worth sharing and be proud of.

That’s why I’ve been working hard on my project TurboNav, and the process up until now has been super fun. I’m doing everything by myself, development, design, brainstorming, marketing, and although I’m not so great in some of these areas, nothing beats the freedom of working on something you believe in. Putting 100% of your effort towards making your vision a reality. The voyage ahead is full of unknowns, but all I can do is take it one step at a time. So what’s what I’m doing.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy and part of me is concern that this won’t work out, but I have to take this risk and I believe in myself. Which leads me to my next item of 2021.

Improving my communication skills

I’m looking at improving my communication skills, I’m not a great speaker and most of the time I get stuck. It’s something I often battled in the professional world. Meetings and presentations always kinda scared me, but somehow I managed.

I consider myself a huge introvert, I’m the quiet one in the large crowd, don’t have much to say, and keep things to myself. I’m looking at improving this part of myself. I really want to share my knowledge with you and share ideas I have and how I plan on building and making my ideas a reality. All of this requires communication and sharing my thoughts with you in the open.

This is something I just recently decided to improve and will work hard to be consistent and share something that I hope, can help you along your voyage. That’s why I started this Youtube channel.

The problem in 2021

One major problem I faced as an indie dev was overthinking. Overthinking that I’m not ready to share TurboNav with the world, overthinking about when I’ll be ready, overthinking about the possibility that I’ll fail. It’s weird because for the most part I’m enjoying the process, but there’s a small but loud voice in my head that constantly reminds me of the “potential failures”. The mind is a powerful tool, but can also work against you.

Only after reviewing these last few months, I noticed all the work that got done. I’m proud of what I’ve built and it gets me excited for what will be next in my voyage. I know why I’m doing what I’m doing. I have to understand the actions I take is towards a future where I get to work on my craft and build things I want to see in this world, build experiences that can help others improve their craft. I also can’t ignore my present self, I have to be kind and give myself room to breath and takes things slow.

This is a flaw of mine I have to work on. Being mindful and taking things slow, but being consistent with the ideas I create and share

Goals for 2022

Everyone on Twitter has been sharing their goals for 2022 and what they plan on accomplishing. I for one have a different view. No goals, just a strategy.

Just take it one step at a time. I have a direction in mind that I plan on taking, but out of everything, this one thing is my strategy for 2022. Take things slow, one step at a time, and let’s see what comes out of this. I’m working towards putting an end to my overthinking, this one action has made the process somewhat rather overwhelming and I can’t have that moving forward.

So yeh, one step at a time towards:

  • Building a YouTube Channel to help share my knowledge and help engineers improve their craft

one step at a time towards:

  • Building TurboNav to help improve people’s focus

one step at a time towards:

peace ✌️

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